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We offer RC classes for all ages and skill levels

Whether you're a seasoned RC racing pro or a total novice, 318 RC Raceway has a racing class that's right for you. At our track, you'll find electric buggies and truggys, nitro and 4WD truggys, Future Champions cars and more.

All cars run a five-minute qualifying race to get started. After the qualifiers, Future Champions classes run seven-minute races. Nitro classes run a 20-minute A race or a 10-minute B race. Electric classes can run two different 10-minute races divided into a double A and a single B race.

Call 318-564-7244 for more information on RC classes and race types

Be sure to review the RC class rules

Each race has a few extra rules depending on the class. All tenth-scale vehicles are 2s lipo, while all eighth-scale vehicles are 4s lipo at the maximum.

There are also a few general rules to keep in mind:

  • Equipment failures are a part of the vehicle, and no laps will be given-with some exceptions
  • Rough driving will be warned and called out
  • Cars without a body must return to the pit lane
  • Marshals may not work on cars or return cars to the pit lane
  • Drivers must cover marshal conflicts
  • If there are any issues or disputes, bring them to the race director

Contact our team with any questions about RC class rules.