Be Safe and Have Fun

Obey the track rules to ensure a fantastic time for everyone

Racing is fun, but there are rules that need to be followed. If you obey the track rules at 318 RC Raceway, you're ensuring a safe and fun environment for everyone. Check out our track rules below so you can stay focused on our fast-paced RC racing while you're at the track.

Review our rules before every race

If you follow our rules, you're going to stay safe and make great memories that you'll never forget. All racers must adhere to the following rules:

  • Respect other drivers and visitors
  • If it isn't yours, do not touch it
  • Pit lane is for RC cars only
  • The platform under the driver's stand is for equipment only
  • Sitting or standing is prohibited on the driver's stand
  • No steps, boxes, blocks etc., are allowed on the driver's stand
  • All drivers must marshal after each race or practice
  • Children under eight aren't allowed on the driver stand without a parent or guardian

Additionally, your waist should not be above the rail on the driver's stand, and kids under 12 are not allowed to marshal. For questions about the track rules, call 318-564-7244.